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Kevin D. Kern, Photographer
You can use my pictures for personal purpose (as a background wallpaper for your desktop for instance).
You can freely reproduce some for educational purpose. (Please give credit of photos were credit is due)
You can also use some on your non commercial web sites. (Please give credit of photos were credit is due)
You must ask me (and wait for my answer !) before changing them in any way (that includes resizing, changing contrast/brightness, changing file format...).
You may not include them on distributed CDs or software (even free CDs or freeware) without my consent.
Although free, any of the uses listed above welcome a contribution...
If you want to buy some prints (via snail-mail) or some higher resolution JPG (via e-mail), let me know. Prices are reasonable, I don't expect to make a living out of this...
A Tribute to our Favorite Outdoor Sport - Repelling
Hanging Around
     The picture on the left was taken on April 25th from almost 9 miles east of Alamogordo, New Mexico and 200 feet above New Mexico Highway 82 while hanging from the repelling rope. The elevation of this point is about 5000 feet above sea level.

     On the horizon can be seen the northern edge of White Sands National Monument and the White Sands Missile Range bordered on the west by the San Andreas Mountains.

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Hanging Around
The Tunnel Vista
Hwy. 82, New Mexico - 2004
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