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The Jesus Collection; The Official Jesus Ring
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The Jesus Collection; The Official Jesus Ring

The Official Jesus Ring is only a symbol - It symbolizes your covenant with Jesus Christ as a bride of Christ. Every Official Jesus Ring sent out is anointed with oil and blessed with prayer by fellow believers. Wearing the Official Jesus Ring is not for looks or to influence others. It is a serious commitment with your Lord Jesus Christ. The wearing of a ring symbolizes belonging, being in possession of the title or right, your ring is an outward symbol that you belong to Christ.

Scriptural Example of wearing a ring - (Luke 15:11-22) The father of the Prodigal son gave his son a ring upon his return and celebrated his sons return to the family. The Official Jesus Ring will identify you as a member of a very special family. The family of God through our Lord Jesus. - Breast-Mapping ®
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For one second, consider it could be you.  The knowledge gained from the “Breast-Mapping”® Booklet could help you save your life.  All you need is 30 minutes to read the FREE “Breast-Mapping”® Booklet online, then follow the instructions.

The measure of your success will be effective breast self exams, improved communication with your health care provider and an early diagnosis if you are that one in eight.  The “Breast-Mapping”® Booklet has all the facts, and a complete system is available should you desire one.  Embracing the “Breast-Mapping”® concept gives you the knowledge to perform effective breast self exams and the peace of mind in knowing that you are protecting your good health . . . for YOURSELF and all those who LOVE YOU! - Desert Mountain Four Wheel Drive Club
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Desert Mountain Four Wheel Drive Club

We are a family oriented group dedicated to the advancement of 4 wheeling in and around the southwest area.

Our club members participate in all types of four wheeling from the easy forest road trip to extreme rock crawling and all types in-between. We encourage proper use of the environment, including Tread Lightly. We work closely with the BLM, other clubs and various agencies in order to keep our lands clean and open to the public. This area is home to some of the best four wheeling in the country.

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Zia Therapy Center

The mission of Zia Therapy Center is to provide therapy and educational services to individuals and families with special needs in order to foster behaviors which maximize individual and family strengths and to enable individuals and families to reach their fullest potential.

Zia Therapy Center was founded in 1960 by nine mothers of children with disabilities as a way to provide services to their children. The center is a nonprofit organization providing a variety of services in Southern New Mexico. Zia has grown and expanded since 1960 and now serve over 1000 individuals and families each year in a wide variety of programs including Early Childhood, Adult Programs, Teen Programs and Child Care. - Otero County Republican Party
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Otero County Republican Party

The Republican Party of New Mexico is a party of the people and for the people. We seek to be faithful to the best traditions of our national party, the party that ended slavery, granted homesteads, built land grant colleges, and moved control of government back into the hands of the people. We champion the worth and abilities of the individual and seek to protect the American Dream for all. We believe our God-given freedom is inseparable from our responsibility to serve our community, state and nation. In this, we draw inspiration from our first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, who challenged us to “dare to do our duty as we understand it.”

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