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We hate these type of pages too - however, sometimes they are necessary
     Buddies' Internet Creations offers a large array of Computer and Internet Services to Alamogordo and the surrounding areas in Otero County, including Pick-up and Delivery.
Computer Repair & Upgrades
New Computer Sales
Virus / Spyware / Adware Removal
Operating System Upgrades
Network Installation & Repair
Custom Built Computers
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Pick-up and Delivery in Alamogordo, La Luz, Tularosa
24 Hour Service, available with service contract
Custom HP Pavilion by Buddies
Common Problem - #1
   Dirt - Dust - Debris - Unwanted Common Real Estate
   Computers need "Airflow" to keep cool. Air flowing through the computer will bring in dust and dirt from the area it is in. As the dust and dirt collect the computer slows down and begins to overheat.
Actual Computer Customer - 3-2004
     As you can tell, the amount of Real Estate just on the front of this computer is enough to grow potatoes. However, for a computer, this is NOT a good thing. The build up of dust, dirt and debris will cause an "overheating" problem.  If the accumulation of dust and dirt is bad enough, and the heat cannot be released, it can cause computer failure.
     In this case, the USB ports and front speaker extension on the front of this tower are totally unusable. (The customer didn't even know they were there anyway)
     This computer was sitting on their floor between their desk and wall style heater. It was able to pick up any dust from walking, vacuuming and from the heater when it blew into the room.
Actual Computer Customer - 3-2004
     Cleaning this case just involved a little "compressed air" to clean the ports and a damp rag to clean the plastic cover. But this could have been prevented or at least the amount of dust and dirt reduced.
     Do not place the computer tower directly on the floor or carpet. Walking stirs up dust and dirt from the floor. The computer has a fan that "sucks in" air to keep it cool. When near the floor, it will pick up the dust and dirt from walking, vacuuming and pets. Do not place computers around windows or doors that are not well sealed or that may be opened. That's just another source of dust and dirt.
     When not in use, cover them. Computer covers are inexpensive and will keep some dust and dirt away from the intake ports.
Common Problem - #2
   Mouse drags, skips, hangs up - Feels like a golf ball is in there!
   Mice that use a "ball" have a tendency of getting dirty and must be cleaned. However, they are NOT the only thing that will require cleaning. What got the mouse ball dirty? Answer: The MOUSE PAD.
Debris rings appears gray or white
    The mouse ball normally rolls on 3 rollers. Those rollers are what get dirty, not necessarily the ball.
     To clean the rollers, remove the "ball cover". Normally a half turn will open the cover. Remove the ball and gently wipe it clean with a damp rag.
     Look inside the mouse and find the 3 rollers. Normally there are 2 long wide ones and 1 narrow wheel. Using your fingernail, gently scrape the lint and debris rings off of them. Gently blow the debris out.
     If you don't have fingernails, a toothpick or such will work. The rollers are plastic and you should not use anything sharp that might cut or scratch them.
Debris rings cleaned
     The wheels should appear clean with "NO" rings on them. Replace the ball and ball cover.
     Next, take your nasty mouse pad into the kitchen and give it a bath! If you need to, use soap! Clean the dust, dirt, coffee, nicotine, ashes, etc. from the surface.
     It was the mouse pad that got your mouse dirty and it will be the mouse pad that gets it dirty again. Regularly clean your mouse pad and your mouse will last longer between cleanings.
     NOTE: Optical mice do NOT use a mouse ball. Only Light. No cleaning and no mouse pad required!